BPS School Buildings as Living Laboratories: 

“’living laboratories’ merge academics and
campus facilities management to provide students with
real-world skills and, for the institution, a path to meet its
sustainability goals.”

-The Campus as a Living Laboratory

BPS School Buildings as the Third Teacher:

“There are three teachers of children: adults, other children, and their physical environment.”

-Loris Malaguzzi 

The framework is founded on the imperative that in order to be successful, sustainability requires a whole-system approach.

A Whole-School Sustainability approach requires individuals from across an organization to work together—it cannot be accomplished in a silo. This system framework is organized into the three components of schools: organizational culture, physical place, and educational program. Within these three components, total of nine principles have been identified.


Climate Curriculum: K-12 Lessons on Climate Change, created by Boston Latin School and Boston Student Advisory Council:

Alliance for Climate Education –

Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) –

Center for Green Schools –

Green Education Foundation Sustainability Lesson Clearinghouse –

The Green Team (BPS schools are highly encouraged to register with The Green Team)-

Green Schools Alliance –

Learning Lab from USGBC –

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Environmental & Climate Justice Program: Reports & Toolkits; Campaigns; Publications; Webinars & Videos

National Education Association (NEA): Environmental Justice K-12 Lesson Plans 

PBS Nature Games –

PBS Kids “The Greens” Activity Guide –

Story of Stuff –

Teaching Tolerance: Curriculum & Lessons; Learning Plans; Articles; Film Kits; Publications; Student Tasks; Professional Development

Teach Engineering –

Waste in Place from Keep America Beautiful –

University of California, Berkeley Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC): Readings & Articles; Toolkits; Activities & Workshop Materials; Community Organizations; Healing & Self-Care; Videos; Books


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