Reducing energy and water consumption in our buildings and cutting down our greenhouse gas emissions are important goals for improving the environment and fostering a stronger economy. The more we save on utilities, the more more money can be allocated back to the classrooms to fund teachers and supplies.

BPS Facilities Management Department is doing it’s part by regularly investing in upgrades to lighting, heating, cooling and ventilation equipment; improving our energy monitoring system controls and ensuring new construction meets at minimum, LEED Silver certification. While energy efficiency technology-based solutions are obvious ways to achieve reduction goals, recent studies have shown that building occupant behavior can account for 10-30% savings. A building can be designed with the intention of running efficiently, but if the building occupants are not aware of how best to operate it, savings will not be maximized.

Schools are taking this to heart and through the BPS Energy Conservation Challenge, Green Apple Day of Service and various STEM activities, are building awareness among their school community about where energy comes from, why it’s important to conserve and how we can take action to reduce our environmental footprint.

Learn about the BPS Energy Conservation Challenge and explore useful energy resources for teachers.


ECC Flyer 2015

In an effort to raise awareness about building energy usage and catalyze energy conservation efforts across the district, BPS is hosting our 2nd Annual Energy Conservation Challenge starting December 1st 2015 and running through February 29th 2016 to engage students, staff, administrators, visitors and more to SAVE RESOURCES by switching off lights, turning off faucets, unplugging appliances and making conscientious choices when it comes to energy usage.

Schools that REDUCE electricity usage at least 5% beyond their baseline will receive 50% of the value of that savings back in an energy or facilities improvement project.

If  you are curious about this program, read the helpful FAQ document to learn more.

Thanks to our outreach partner, Boston Student Advisory Council, 18 BPS schools have already signed up for the 2015-2016 Challenge, many of them high schools.


Congratulations to the winning schools from 2014!

These schools saved at least 5% on both gas and electricity and earned over $40,000 back in incentives!

  • E-Greenwood – saved 45%
  • Ohrenberger – saved 15%
  • BATA – saved 14%
  • Quincy Elementary – saved 12%
  • Roosevelt – saved 8%
  • Baldwin Early Learning Pilot – saved 5%
  • Boston Green Academy – saved 5%



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