Greenovate Boston

Greenovate Boston is a movement – a way for everyone in the City to work together to improve our planet, communities, businesses, and daily lives. Stemming from the City’s plan to reduce Boston’s greenhouse gas emissions 25% by 2020 and 80% by 2050, Greenovate Boston will enable people to take simple steps that will make the City a better, greener place to live and work.



The City of Boston has decided to run a campaign to help reach it’s carbon emission reduction goals. Greenovate Boston is an initiative that impacts many aspects of the city including transportation planning, solid waste disposal, and municipal operations including the operations of the 128 Boston Public Schools. They’re also publishing educational videos (like the one above), quick tips, many other resources for the Boston community.

Arguably the most exciting thing about this movement is the community involvement. Greenovate Boston not only has an entire page dedicated to people doing great things in Boston around climate change and adaptation, but they also have an entire website dedicated to engaging the Boston community in a dialogue about the various aspects of their climate goals. This unique web platform solicits ideas from the Boston community about various topics related to the cities climate goals, then allows city officials and other community members to comment on and rate good ideas. Members who contribute enough can even be reward with prizes like a Kill-A-Watt meter, or a composting bin.

This top down initiative from the city government, combined with the bottom up input and actions from the citizens promises to create insightful plans and progress in reaching the cities carbon reduction goals.

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