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Our Vision

Every Boston Public Schools student will attend a healthy and sustainable school.


Climate & Energy



Environmental Justice

Healthy School Environment

Outdoor Education



Zero Waste

2018-2019 Priorities

1. Zero Waste

2. Water

3. Healthy School Environment

4. Outdoor Classrooms

5. Climate & Energy


  • Building Services maintains and operates BPS buildings and grounds, and includes Custodial Services, Grounds Services, Equipment Repair Services, and Materials Distribution.

  • Sustainability & Environmental Resources supports Building Services and manages the Energy and Environmental Divisions, while providing strategic planning, implementation, reporting, and communications for BPS in the areas of water, zero waste, climate and energy, green buildings, healthy school environment, outdoor classrooms, and sustainability engagement.

    This website is managed by Sustainability & Environmental Resources.

  • The Energy Division utilizes Building Management Systems to monitor and manage all BPS building utilities, and to find efficiency and conservation opportunities while balancing occupancy comfort levels. The Energy Division projects, monitors, and analyzes utility usages and costs, and reports this information on a monthly and annual schedule to BPS leadership.

  • The Environmental Division is responsible for monitoring the environmental quality of BPS buildings and properties, with an emphasis on improving air quality within classrooms, utilizing simple integrated pest management (IPM) techniques, managing asbestos, and testing all water sources used for drinking, food preparation, or medical services.


BPS believes that every child deserves access to a great education, and every day we work to design, build and operate our school sites as high-performance spaces where every child can succeed.

With a focus on whole school sustainability, the 2013 Greening Boston Public Schools Report is an exciting showcase of district-wide initiatives that are helping to save resources, promote health and wellness and connect students to environmental, STEM and community learning opportunities.


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