Conserving Energy in Boston Schools

The City has some ambitious but attainable climate goals to maintain an equitable and livable community for current and future generations. To support this effort, Boston Public Schools has launched the Energy Conservation Challenge. Twenty schools (map below) have signed up to participate in a chance to earn money by reducing energy and water waste in February and March. Thank you all for showing leadership in environmental stewardship, and good luck!

  1. Samuel Adams Elementary School
  2. Baldwin Early Learning Pilot Academy
  3. Ludwig van Beethoven Elementary School
  4. Boston Adult Technical Academy
  5. Boston Green Academy
  6. Boston Latin Academy
  7. Boston Latin School
  8. Dever Elementary School
  9. Excel High School
  10. E. Greenwood School
  11. Dennis Haley School
  12. Harvard-Kent Elementary School
  13. James W. Hennigan Elementary School
  14. Horace Mann School for the Deaf
  15. Lee Academy Pilot School
  16. John W. McCormack Middle School
  17. William Ohrenberger School
  18. John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics and Science
  19. Josiah Quincy Elementary
  20. Franklin D. Roosevelt K–8 School

If your school is interested in registering, it’s not too late! The contest runs through the end of March.

P.S. Remember to power-down and unplug appliances whenever they aren’t needed, but especially before vacations and weekends.